Bring on the holiday season stress.

I’m sitting at my kitchen island creating this blog. The vacuum cleaner is resting next to me, reminding me to clean the floors when I get up from the island (maybe this blog will be longer than I planned!). I have two Longaberger baskets full of cookies baked and packaged by elves for Santa and Mrs. Claus to deliver to the assisted living facility tomorrow night.

There are gifts staring at me screaming, “Wrap me! Wrap me!” for Santa to deliver in the morning to the grandchildren of our friends. Sadly, our friends lost their home just this week to a fire – along with all the Christmas gifts for the grandchildren from mom, dad, and grandparents. There is a pile of work on my desk upstairs, which is probably why I’m writing in the kitchen. One grandchild just went home, two are on their way to spend the night. I’m tired and looking forward to December 29 and our four-day trip to unwind from all this fun!

Don’t misunderstand; I do enjoy the holidays. But somewhere between December 7 and December 23 the pace of life picks up. I continue to do everything I’ve always done; be a homemaker, wife, mom, nana, and business owner…and then I add the blessing of onboarding new clients, the need to onboard new freelancers, as well as Christmas shopping and baking. Squeeze in a few Christmas light drive throughs and dinners out with friends and…you get the picture! Somewhere in all that the importance of the season to me gets lost. Every year I commit to myself next year will be different, and then life happens, I forget my commitment, and I’m sucked into the vacuum that defines December.

Nurture your purpose.

What about you? Does my December resemble your December? Do you commit to change but don’t follow through?

Change is hard! I know; I talk people into making big changes with their back-end administrative operations on almost a daily basis. It’s time for me to ramp it up and implement changes I urge other business owners to make!

Do what you do best; outsource the rest! My mantra to business owners. As I ponder on how to word what I’m getting ready to say, I’m looking at my calendar to figure out on which date I can block four hours to figure out what I do best, what is getting outsourced and to whom. I have a staff full of experienced, excellent freelance administrative assistants…it’s time for me to utilize them!!

Do yourself a favor…spend a few hours defining what you do best in your business.  Are you best at marketing your product or service? Are you best at creating new products or services?  Figure out what you are best at…it’s probably the thing that you love to do!  Outsource the rest!  Don’t do what you don’t enjoy; it saps all of your energy, creativity, and passion. This year I’m implementing my advice in my own life…how about you?

Let SVA help you find that starting point. Why not begin today?