When the new year rolled in many Facebook posts went up with discussion of the ‘word for the year’. I like the challenge that comes with a ‘word for the year’…it keeps something that is of some importance motivating me for some period of time.

Some years I lose connection with the annual word more quickly than other years. I do find it ironic that we are just a couple weeks into the year and no more discussion about the ‘word for the year’!

However, my ‘word’ has stayed with me and a lot of change has already occurred:
* Several key appointments have been completed.
* My first new client of the year was secured!
* I presented options to a client and ALL were agreeable!
* I secured two excellent new team members to assist with SVA’s growing operations.

Now mid-month, my perception of change has slipped a little. I pondered on that word a bit this morning:
* Change does not happen instantaneously just because I want it to.
* Change must be worked at. It is not perfection. It is trying, achieving, failing, and trying again. Change is hope. There is always hope so there are always opportunities for change.
* Change stops when I quit caring and when I give up hope.

* Do not give up!
* Do not stop!
* Each day is a new opportunity!
* Each hour is a new opportunity!

Whether it’s the option of changing or staying the same – or changing out of necessity (Picture #2 came to mind!), change is achievable. It is worth the effort. The results are worth it!

What are you going to change today?