Our Pricing

All our prices are based on the specific needs of each client we work with. We know no two businesses are alike and no one size fits all approach will work with any business. We highly tailor our services to your unique business needs and work with you to find a solution that makes the most sense for your expertise and ours.

Please contact us so we can better understand the specific needs of your business and can provide you with a customized plan to help save and make your business money.

How We Save (and Make) You Money 

As a small business, we understand businesses don’t have the budget to hire someone to do their administrative work full-time even if they need one. That usually means lost time, focus, and money on your part as you struggle to tie up all the loose ends that pop up throughout the week.

If you are wondering if you would benefit from virtual admin services but aren’t sure how it will save you money, here are 3 ways that we can help you to save money in the long run.


Flexible Hours

We work on an “as-needed” basis for every business that we contract with. That means that you will be able to skip trying to find enough work for a part-time employee and that you will only need to pay for the work that has been performed with no stress regarding medical or vacation time.


Time Management Assistance

One of the jobs our virtual assistant offers is assistance with time management. That doesn’t only mean on current projects either. It covers suggestions about how to maximize your time and effort throughout the day so that you can save money in the long run.


Increased Marketing Equals Increased Sales

Our virtual office administrator team is trained to assist you in designing a more streamlined web site if that is part of your business plan. We are able to quickly learn new skills and help in whatever way we can to improve your business marketing strategies.