Calendar Management

Every business owner has to deal with managing their calendar every day, from scheduling meetings and phone calls to ensure that strategic sessions with their employees are completed on time. It is a daily routine for anyone who wants to make sure that their business is successful and continues to grow. In short, your calendar is a major necessity even though it can be a hassle to manage. 

Where We Come In

That is where our team of virtual assistants at Signature Virtual Assistance can step in. Lorie and her team are highly trained in managing your calendar for you so that you never miss an important meeting or phone call.

Depending on how you are currently managing your calendar, we can work with you to integrate what you are already doing into our responsibilities or we can design a new setup that will work for your company. We can be so much more than a virtual or remote secretary or virtual receptionist. Our team is trained and always encouraged to find better, more efficient ways to help your organization.

We are skilled at quickly learning the important tasks and events that need to be focused on in your schedule and are dedicated to ensuring that you don’t miss anything important. We know that most of your scheduling needs are time sensitive so we always focus on them above other tasks. We help to simplify your scheduling system within your company. 

No More Wasted Meetings

Often the meetings and calls that you need to have scheduled are internal but require back and forth communication to arrange. Other scheduling items may be recurring such as board meetings or doctor check-ups. We can handle these items so you aren’t tied up on communications, and can instead focus on the big picture work that is crucial for your job or business to succeed.

At the end of the day, a lack of effective calendar management can make your week quickly spin out of control. Missed appointments and project updates that are forgotten can lead to your off-hours being consumed by these small items that have now snowballed into big concerns.

Our experienced team will not only help keep you organized, but we can help transform your office into a stress-free environment where you know the small tasks are being properly attended to.

Lorie Nelson, Signature Virtual Assistance, Owner & President

Lorie Nelson - Signature Virtual Assistance Owner & President

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