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Email management is a huge drain on time and resources within any company but it is a special source of frustration for those who are in charge. That is because email has continued to be the most used form of communication when it comes to businesses. Management might be spending hours every day checking and reading their email to ensure that they aren’t missing anything important in their inbox. 

If you have found you are bogged down with the task of managing your inbox, it might be time to work with Signature Virtual Assistance. Lorie and her team have years of experience with email management, with every assistant trained to work directly with you to streamline your email experience in a way that most effectively addresses your needs. Regardless if your goal is a higher level of responsiveness from your business or an empty inbox at the end of the day, we can assist you.

Every Inbox Is Different

We know that every inbox needs a structured management system regardless of what market you are working with. Whether you get 15 emails a day or 150, if you want to spend more time digging through your inbox you will need an organized system that works specifically for you. We will customize our approach depending on your needs, either integrating your current system into our own or creating a new one that is designed specifically for your use. 

Whatever focus we choose together, there are many ways that our team of virtual assistants can help to improve your productivity, including the following: 

  • Email Review – While many emails that you receive are crucial information that you need the day it is sent, there are definitely some emails that are not important. Our virtual assistants can read your emails and only pass on the important information that is urgent, such as items that require a response or an action on your end.
  • Task Creation – Many of the emails that reach your inbox include items that need action on your part or from your team. Instead of leaving that email in your inbox so that you can deal with it later, one of our virtual assistants can turn that into a task that includes all the pertinent information so that you can deal with it effectively. 
  • Boost Your Response Time – We can help you to create a template for immediate responses that you don’t currently have the time for. We will work with you so that we know what sort of information needs to be responded to quickly and what can wait so that you aren’t weighed down by the minutiae of responding with simple emails every day. 

Choosing to work with a virtual assistant to manage your emails will help to transform your business into a smooth working machine. Let us take care of the smaller or bigger items on your to-do list so that you have more time to focus on the items that only you can take care of. 

Lorie Nelson, Signature Virtual Assistance, Owner & President

Lorie Nelson - Signature Virtual Assistance Owner & President

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