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The hardest part of doing anything has always been just taking that first step. And it’s justifiable since there is a lot to consider, especially when it comes to opening or operating a business.

Thoughts of proper management of services or products would riddle your mind, the connections needed to keep your company relevant, the countless words in e-mails that would aid the business, scheduling of appointments, and advertisements. That’s a lot to consider and that is definitely a ton of work for one or a few people to do.

So what’s a great solution to this problem? Well, how about hiring a dedicated individual team of Virtual Assistants that’ll keep you and your business afloat by handling all the small and tedious tasks? And what better people to hire and call than your very own local St Louis Virtual Assistance Services team, Signature Virtual Assistance


As one of the leading USA based Virtual Assistance Organizations, we are focused on giving you proper Administrative Transformation, so that all you have to do is think about is your own expertise.

But how do you determine whether you are a good candidate for the position you might ask? Well, we actually provide a variety of ways that would help us determine whether you are fit for the services we have. And if not, then you won’t be forced to do anything you aren’t ready for. 

Lorie, the owner and founder of Signature Virtual Assistance, will set up a schedule to meet wherein she will discuss the best way our company can assist yours.

And do not worry about the expenses for this meeting, because this is free for all business owners. But if you aren’t comfortable meeting in person just yet, or do not have the time at all, then taking our easy Online Quiz will help determine if you are ready.   

Now that we have determined that you are indeed prepared moving forward, the Virtual Assistance team will be here to support you all the way. With Lorie and her hand-picked team by your side, you no longer have to invest too much time on trivial things and focus solely on your business. 


But even while you manage your business, Lorie can still provide you with exquisite services that come in the form of Business Administrative Consulting. 

And what is that exactly? Well, for this type of service, Lorie will personally meet with you to discuss every aspect of your business, to determine where our team can help you the most and to know what steps we’ll be taking to further support you.

Once Lorie has determined the problems in your business and gathered all the info she needs she’ll report back to the team and start developing a plan that would utilize administrative functions to be efficient, using the most recent technologies and budget-friendly. Along with all these, she will create an implementation timeline and choose someone from her team who is more than able to finish the job.


Along with the service provided above, we also offer support in the means of:

  • Administrative Consultant

    An Administrative Consultant can give you and your team on hand assistance when it comes to the various administrative tasks that come with managing a business. They would take what your organization needs and lacks, and would then provide the most efficient and systemized solution in order to address said problems.

    Choosing Lorie with her team would allow you to see different perspectives that would greatly benefit your business. When one is always working inside the business, they tend to have a narrow point of view. But when you introduce someone who works outside the company, then you’ll be able to realize things you didn’t think were there in the first place. 

  • Virtual Administrative Support

    But you can find virtual assistant practically everywhere at this point, so again, why choose us? Well, here at Saint Louis Virtual Assistance, we offer you only the best and highly qualified virtual assistants that can adapt to your team and environment in no time.

    How can you be certain? Well to reach your standards we would like to offer these aspects from our virtual assistants:

  1. First rate Experts – Over the years since SVA was first established, we have been known  to provide excellent virtual assistants. 
  2. Assured Quality – More than anything that you would get from VSA, are professionals that can work through any problem your company may be having. 
  3. Professional Aid – Our virtual assistants are ready and sturdy to accept any complications your company has and are trained to push through them for you.

    As you can see, Saint Louis Signature Virtual Assistance is not like any other organization out there that can provide virtual assistance. Here, we offer you only the best and brightest

  •  Executive Assistance 

    Whether it be a small or large company, or even somewhere in between, managing it along with your employees and the countless projects you’ll be working on will be more than challenging, it can even destroy your company itself with all the workload.

    This is why the Executive Assistance we provide here at Signature Virtual Assistance are top-notch and can take care of the excessive workload your company has and can give you the time you need to focus on other tasks for the business.

    Our Executive Assistance can aid you through: 
    Administrative Work
    Market Research
    Security for your Information
    Excellent Collaborators

  • Calendar Management 

    Scheduling meetings, arrangements, and conferences can sometimes be quite a hassle. Remembering dates and times can often prove to be troublesome and can lead to us forgetting about them entirely.

    This is why it is one of the many services that Saint Louis Virtual Assistance Services can provide you so that you may start feeling like every day isn’t such a random barrage of meeting and such anymore and start to actually be more productive and efficient with your time. 

  • Email Management 
    One of the most frustrating and draining tasks there is when running a business is proper email management. Yet, it is inevitable to use since it is the most common way of communicating with other business, clients, and such. So how do we go through such a problem? By hiring our team to help you in handling said emails, the act of having to look through your mail almost all the time will be lessened and you’ll be glad for our help.

  • To be exact, here are some of the work that is involved in managing emails:
  1. Email filtering – When receiving hundreds upon thousands of emails everyday, it’ll be difficult to determine which ones are important. But with our help, we’ll be able to sort those emails out from spam emails to ones that actually require your attention. 
  2. Sending Emails – Of course once you receive an email it’s only natural to send a reply, so our virtual assistants are reliable enough to compose and relay an email on your behalf. 
  3. Quick responses – Having us as your virtual assistance team can give you faster response time which would then make it easier for you to manage other tasks inside and outside your company.


  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
    These are people who are highly trained and experienced in the field of office work such as email and calendar management that would greatly help you in your busy day to day lives. With our virtual assistants, you won’t have to worry about training someone for weeks or office space as we are always ready to assist you, anywhere at any time.
  • Where would we communicate and how will it work? 
    Our virtual assistants are trained to speak to you through various platforms such as Skype, Slack, Zoom and much more. We are flexible enough to fit right into your company which will make things much easier for you.

    Along with that, we have various systems that you can use to monitor our progress and to update us should there be any specific tasks you want us to complete. 

  • How much can you make my life and business thrive?
    By simply taking care of the simple yet numerous tasks that come with having a business, you will be able to see just how much time you can have for anything else, whether it involves your business or your personal life. Either way, both will thrive once you’ve decided to hire us.

Lorie Nelson, Signature Virtual Assistance, Owner & President

Lorie Nelson - Signature Virtual Assistance Owner & President

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