Ever had someone tell you that you just need to get out of your own way?

Sometimes when I work with business owners, I have to find a professional way to share that statement! I know it sounds ridiculous; how do we get in our own way? I’ve done it, and I bet you have too!

Don’t Let Go and Trust Others?
Ever been accused of micromanagement? As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it is so easy to do! You birth a business…this thought enters your mind like a little flower seed…you think, think, and think some more, which is like water and fertilizer on that planted seed…you start doing things to make your idea a reality…which is like the seed germinating, bursting through the soil, and beginning to grow…and before you realize what’s happened you have started running a business…which is like the bloom of the flower opening!

Who do you trust to cut that bloom, put it in fresh water, and enjoy it? No one but yourself!

Well, it’s the same way with starting a business. But if you don’t let others help you grow your business, you’ll find either you have health problems – probably a heart attack – because you cannot begin to keep up, or your business loses traction and begins to die because you just cannot spread yourself thin enough to keep up.

Let go; let others help you! Do what you do best and let others do the rest!

Little Front-End Time?
Are you a planner or a do-er? Most people are one or the other.

Do you have an idea and spend a lot of time mulling and thinking on it, or do you have an idea and go into action? While it is true that some people spend too much time thinking and never get to the doing, there is a lot to be said about the thinking.

This great idea you have for a business…did you do any front-end work? Did you do enough research to be sure the idea is feasible for business development? Did you talk to people at the Small Business Administration, Small Business Development Council or professional business people? Did you investigate the costs of starting the business? Can you run it from your home or do you need to rent space? Did you decide if you can do it all alone in the beginning, or if you must have staffing to get it off the ground? Did you research if you’ll need legal advice, financial support, marketing, website, etc.? It is better to put the research time in up front, rather than trying to find the time somewhere along the way. Spending the time and money on the front-end and developing a solid foundation for growth will save you money, headaches, and heartaches along the way.

Don’t Accept Solutions?
Have you gone to a master mind group or something similar and shared some of your business struggles? Did group members share potential solutions with you, but you shot them all down for various reasons? Sometimes we business owners are so caught up in how things are done that we won’t even consider deviating from that path. Sometimes the solutions we reject the most loudly are the very ones that will throw us out of the pothole we’re in. Take the time to listen and think on ideas that are not initially appealing; you might be glad you did!

Don’t Appreciate Being Challenged?
Ever had someone challenge your ideas or way of doing things? Especially someone younger and less experienced? Have you caught yourself getting defensive, wondering who they think they are presenting something that challenges your thought process? You are in good company; we have all done it! Not letting go and trusting others usually is tied closely to not appreciating a challenge. If you’re being challenged with how you do things, take it as a compliment. I know that is a mindset shift, but it will encourage you to take a hard look at what you are doing and how you are doing it…and maybe even cause you to make changes that are in your company’s best interest.

And if you’ve found all of this frustrating – good! You’ve been challenged. What are you going to do about it? Click here to let me know; I really am interested in knowing if you’ve been challenged, and how you’re handling it!