Every business owner knows that customer service is the heart of their business.  Serve customers to the very best of your ability so they return and so they will tell others about you.  Sometimes acts of customer service are the “same old, same old” and need refreshing.  Or maybe you just feel the need to provide more or better customer service but aren’t sure what that looks like.

Be a Listener.

Listen to what your customers are telling you with the purpose of hearing what they have to say.  Some people just want to be heard.  Others are looking for expertise.  Offer your expertise when appropriate but be sure you and your employees are listening at least as much as you talk.

Be Responsive.

Customers want to be heard and they want fast service.  Sometimes you might be able to anticipate what they want before they even express – or know it – themselves!

Be Accommodating.

Customers drop the ball as frequently as companies do.  And let’s face, we are all human so it’s going to happen to all of us.  How we handle it is what’s important. Accommodate your customer as much as possible; you’ll have a customer for life!

Build Trust.

Spend a little time developing a relationship with your customer.  Relationships build trust.  Share your expertise in building the relationship.  When your customer needs you, they’ll come back to you…because you took the time to build a relationship that results in their trust.

Live Your Company Values

Establish values for your company.  What is important to you?  Is it important to you that your customers know you look out for them?  If so, let them know when a sale is coming up on something they purchase or give them some insight into a purchase or service they will appreciate.

Know Your Competition.

Every business has competition.  Know who yours is and then figure out what sets you apart from the competition.  What do you do or offer that is different?  Specialize in the thing that you are good at doing or selling.  Some products you believe in more than others.  Sell those that you truly believe in.  Don’t focus on being better than the competition; focus on being the best at what you do or what you sell.

Take care of your clients and they will return time and time again!