It’s an intimidating word for many small business owners. Outsourcing means letting go a little, handing off something that up until now has been solely your responsibility. It’s like watching your baby take her first steps without the safety of your hands holding her up.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be nervewracking, though, not when you have the right team to outsource to.

Imagine You Suddenly Have More Hours in Every Day

Really. Imagine it. What if you had an hour out of every day that you didn’t have anything scheduled or planned? What would you do with that hour? Sure, you could reinvest that time into your business. Use it to network. Or better yet, use it to actually follow up on those leads from the networking meetings you regularly attend. You could use it to catch up on all the other work sitting there, waiting for you. 

Or you could use that hour to take care of you a little. To recharge your batteries. You could take a walk, take a nap, read a book, take a real lunch break, or even share a lunch break with someone you love. You could be like the guy in the photo and go frolic in a meadow if that’s what will bring a little joy to your day. Do something for you so you’re more productive than ever when you return to the office.

outsourcing business freedom

Is there a little voice inside your head already telling you that this would never work? Is it saying:

But, Lorie, how can I really let go of an hours worth of work every day? I am my company. My voice is its voice and my face is its face. I have to do it all, or my business will suffer. No one else can take care of my business quite like I can because I’m the most invested in it.

You are so right. You are the voice for your business, and you will take better care of your business than anyone else because it’s your baby. But there are things you can let go of that others can do just as well (and dare I say better, because it’s a task that requires a skill that’s not within your wheelhouse). You can let go of certain tasks, and your business will not suffer.

What kind of tasks? These tasks are reasons you should outsource, effective immediately.

Never Worry About Bookkeeping Again

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Other than getting receipts over to your virtual assistant at Signature Virtual Assistance, you’ll never have to think about bookkeeping ever again if you don’t want to. You can send us (or bring us) the physical copies of your receipts and statements, or email them over. We’ll scan anything that needs scanned and add it to your preferred online storage for safekeeping, and then balance your books.

We have qualified bookkeepers who understand small business tax implications and what that means for categorizing expenses and income properly. You can read more here about why it’s really important to have a bookkeeper who understands taxes, if you’d like. But know that our bookkeepers have you covered.

Handing that aspect of your business over to a qualified professional won’t hurt your business. It will free up your time and a little bit of mental space so you can focus on the other things only you can do.

Never Enter A New Contact into Your CRM Again

Do you use a CRM? Are you frequently adding in new leads, wishing you were doing anything else in the world but that? Let SVA’s team of professionals do it for you.

Maybe you’d like to use a CRM, but you have been avoiding it because you know how much work it will be to transfer all your contacts. We can help you with that too. It’s what we do.

Never Worry About Coordinating and Scheduling a Meeting Ever Again

Again, the theme here is we can do that for you. No more back-and-forth emails trying to nail down a date, time, and place that works for everyone. We can manage your calendar for you and coordinate the scheduling of any meetings or events. We can even find you a meeting place that’s appropriate to the general area you’d like to meet and the type of meeting you’ll be having.

Never Miss an Important Email

We can monitor your email while you take a much-needed breather, or on a daily basis as you work to grow your business. We can keep your inbox clear by categorizing emails and alerting you to any important messages that come through. We’ll start with a general cleanup, though, to stop all those emails you don’t want anyway from flooding your inbox on a daily basis. We can unsubscribe you where appropriate and categorize what’s already there for you to find easily whenever you’d like.

Never Search for the Best Flight, Hotel, or Car Rental

Do you travel periodically for your business? Do you put off booking the travel arrangements, knowing you don’t have the time you need to devote to it to get the best prices? We can do the research for you. And if you’d like, we can even book the travel arrangements for you as well.

Once it’s booked, we can add it to your calendar too.

Never Do Anything That Wouldn’t Benefit from Your Touch Specifically

There are a lot of things we can’t do for you that only you can do. No one else can grow your business for you. No one else can show up in the way you can. You have a passion and dedication that cannot be replicated.

We can help you free up your life so you can maintain a better balance, prioritize time to recharge, and do more of those things only you can do. How invaluable is that?

If you’d like to talk about how Signature Virtual Assistance can help you, give us a call.